We Have an Artist in Our Midst
Written By: Jackie Goodman

North Buckhead is home to many colorful, creative, and highly accomplished people, one of whom is artist Pat Fiorello.  Pat holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and has taught painting at Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France, and she is our neighbor right here in North Buckhead.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Pat graduated from the State University of New York, where she studied business and psychology.  After attending Harvard and working with Nabisco, Pat moved to Atlanta in 1997 to join The Coca-Cola Company, where she was Vice-President of Marketing.  She lives at Charleston on Wieuca, where she became an original owner in 1997 when the gated townhouse community was built. 

At age 35, after deciding she needed a creative outlet, Pat started teaching herself to paint, later taking courses and attending workshops. She also studied privately with noted artists to develop her artistry.  In 2002, she left corporate life to focus on being a full-time, professional artist.  She also started teaching others. In addition to teaching locally, she has held 20+ international workshops. Aside from teaching at Claude Monet’s renowned garden, Pat has especially loved holding workshops in Tuscany and other areas of Italy. During the pandemic, her oil and watercolor classes have been taught online.

Pat’s favorite subjects include landscape scenes, gardens with architectural accents, and florals.  Because her family name, Fiorello, comes from Italian lineage meaning “one who lives near a wall of flowers,” that seems quite appropriate. 

Pat has served as President of the Georgia Watercolor Society, as well as Chairman of the Atlanta Artist Center on Grandview Avenue.  Her work has been featured in numerous juried shows and more than a dozen one-woman shows, including at Callaway Gardens and the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens.  She also has experience as a show organizer and a show judge. Her images have been licensed for greeting cards and home décor products. She also authored the book, “Bella Italia, Italia through the Eyes of an Artist.”

Recent work includes custom oil paintings of bridal bouquets, which she calls “Forever Bouquet Paintings,” and also a collection of 48 cards, each different, featuring a painting on one side and an inspirational/motivational message on the reverse. It is her hope that the cards will help people start each day in a positive way.  Pat’s presentation last year at the North Buckhead Home and Garden Club drew rave reviews.

When asked why she chose North Buckhead when she was moving to Atlanta, Pat said the neighborhood was “convenient, beautiful, and accessible.” She was drawn to city living and was delighted to combine that with North Buckhead’s tree canopy, and she was especially drawn to Charleston on Wieuca because of its walkability factor.  From her townhouse, she loved walking to shop for groceries; items at Ace Hardware, Tuxedo Pharmacy, and other nearby stores; and pizza at Fellini’s.   She also liked the close proximity to Chastain Park, where she and her husband attended a Chieftains concert on their first date. They have been married twenty years. 

Sadly, while legally walking in a crosswalk on Roswell Road at Wieuca in 2017, Pat was struck by a car and could not walk for three months.  It was two years before her body was somewhat normal again, and even today, she cannot kneel or do yoga.  She continues to have the desire to enjoy a safe and walkable neighborhood, and her desire to walk to neighborhood amenities has not diminished.  She has lobbied Howard Shook’s office in an effort to get crosswalks, sidewalks, and other safety features that are important for pedestrian safety.  She appreciates and supports the work of PEDS in making Atlanta a safer place to walk. 

One of Pat’s inspirational cards says, “Life is a big  canvas – be sure to throw plenty of paint on it!”  That seems to be her mantra. As you walk or drive through North Buckhead, when you see colorful flowers and beautiful landscapes, perhaps Pat has seen them, too, and is in her home studio painting them … or perhaps she is in Europe, drawing inspiration from the beauty of rough textures, soft foliage, and ancient stone, because with Atlanta having “the world’s busiest airport,” for residents of North Buckhead, the world is our playground.