Beautiful North Buckhead Native Plant Program

NBCA's Beautiful North Buckhead program enhances your garden, encourages a beautiful neighborhood, and includes a special NBCA discount at and at Ed Castro Landscaping.

Let's plant! Want to beautify your property and North Buckhead? NBCA offers the Beautiful North Buckhead program to make it easy and to save you money in the process. We provide plant lists, planting diagrams, "How To" information, and a special NBCA discount.

Native plants are all the buzz. NBCA encourages home owners to beautify their property and help create a neighborhood "look and feel". Native plants are a particularly good way to enhance our landscapes and neighborhood. Their diversity of forms, shapes, and colors is amplified by the butterflies and birds that native plants support. Once established, native plants are also lower maintenance and require less water. In particular, NBCA has identified the following signature plants that are easy to grow. Plant them profusely in visible places and their beauty will help light up all of North Buckhead:

NBCA plant lists and planting diagrams: For additional plant ideas and planting diagrams Click Here

NBCA How-To information sheetClick Here

Two great options to help you get started. NBCA has partnered with ServeScape and Ed Castro Landscaping to provide two different options for adding native beauty to your garden. ServeScape is the perfect option for the do-it-yourselfer, providing an online nursery with free* delivery directly to your home. Ed Castro Landscaping offers professional landscaping services for those who want help with design and installation. Either way, your landscape will be more beautiful than ever.

NBCA Discount! To make the program even more attractive, both ServeScape and Ed Castro Landscaping are offering NBCA members a special discount. Just use the discount code NBCA10 for a 10% discount on your order.  We are on the honor system, so if your membership has lapsed or you need to join for the first time, please go to and click on "Join Now" to become a paid member. At only $50 per year, a NBCA membership is a great way to join your neighbors in making our neighborhood better and better.

Questions? Contact Susan Loeb, the NBCA Beautiful North Buckhead Committee Chair at [email protected].

Ready to get started?

  • For ServeScape, go to ServeScape offers a wide range of plants for you to purchase. We encourage you to include as many of the plants listed on the NBCA plant lists referenced above as possible.
  • For Ed Castro Landscaping, call 770-998-8444 or send an email to [email protected]. ECL will design and install the perfect landscape incorporating many plants from the NBCA plant lists.

Now is a great time to plant for a beautiful garden. Happy gardening!