The North Buckhead Master Plan (available in the NBCA section of this website) calls for an extensive bicycle network throughout North Buckhead. Nicknamed "The B-Line", this bicycle network will make it easy to bike to parks, friends' houses, shops, restaurants, and transit. Further, The B-Line will help with traffic calming, pedestrian safety, and livability.  So the B-Line is not just for people who ride bikes - it's part of how North Buckhead is actively defining the quality and character of the neighborhood.

PATH400, Livable Buckhead's transformational project, serves as the central backbone of the B-Line. PATH400 is operational from the Buckhead Loop to Wieuca Road and work is underway to extend it further to Loridans and beyond.  In addition, the City of Atlanta has installed bike lanes and narrower automobile lanes on Wieuca, Old Ivy and North Stratford. The City will soon install a bike lane and on-street parking on Lakemoore following the recent repaving of this street. The remaining gaps are West Wieuca, Rickenbacker, Loridans, and Mountain Way.

To learn more about the B-Line, please find below two newsletter articles as well as the B-Line bike route map.

To get involved in the B-Line Action Team that is working to make the B-Line a reality, please send an email to [email protected].