January 6, 2021

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  1. Recycle Your Christmas Tree at Blue Heron Nature Preserve
  2. Martin Luther King Holiday Activities 
  3. Harry and Leslee Evans "Scout Masters for LIfe"
  4. NBCA Working to Create Beautiful Gateways to North Buckhead
  5. Little Nancy Creek Park Tree Planting  

Recycle Your Christmas Tree at Blue Heron Nature Preserve

Blue Heron Nature Preserve needs your Christmas tree to help restore the banks of Mill Creek along the Blueway Trail.  Just drop your tree off behind the Emma Wetlands sign at the far end of Emma Lane near the entrance to the Blue Heron Blueway Trail.

Sorry, no tree pick up is available. 


Questions? Email [email protected]


Martin Luther King Holiday Activities 

Atlanta offers many ways to celebrate and honor the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.  There are ways to learn and to serve our community on MLK Day (January 18th), or during the days leading up to the holiday. 

Hands on Atlanta provides literally hundreds of opportunities for the Atlanta community to unite in service, both virtually and in person.  Click on the link below to see all the ways you can get involved. 


Harry and Leslee Evans: "Scoutmasters For Life"

While Harry and Leslee Evans don't live within the North Buckhead Boundaries, they sure
a lot of time here.  You'll see their work, and that of their Scout's all over our area.


Harry and Leslee met at Philmont Scout Ranch while in college. They married, had three children and stayed very active in Scouting.

They moved to the Meadowbrook subdivision in 1989 and began attending St. James United Methodist Church, where they became involved in Scout troop 370, that meets at the church. Harry started as an assistant Scoutmaster but took over as Scoutmaster a few years later. Leslee officially established the girls Troop 372 in February 2019

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Through their leadership, the two Troops have grown tremendously.  From an initial 20 boys
in1989 to over 125 today, and the girls troop has grown from an initial eight to 26 in the first           Scouts installing Bat Boxes at Blue Heron Nature Preserve
eighteen months.                                                                                                                                 

Click here to learn more about Harry and Leslee and all the projects their Troops have done in North Buckhead! 

NBCA Working to Create Beautiful Gateways to North Buckhead                                                                                                                                                                                            


Our first gateway project is at the intersection of Wieuca and Phipps Plaza Blvd, which will be turned into a traffic circle in in 2022.  Our Public Realm & Greenspace committee is working closely with the City of Atlanta, Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) and the landscape architects, Pond & Company to design the center of the traffic circle and the adjacent park.  

Future plans will be to improve all major entrances into the North Buckhead neighborhood. Join the North Buckhead Civic Association to help us with these beautification projects, and if you want to get involved with our Public Realm & Greenspace Committee please emails [email protected]

Click here to read the full Gateways article on page nine in the NBCA Magazine

Join NBCA Now, it is only $50 per year.   


Little Nancy Creek Park Tree Planting 

The good folks at Little Nancy Creek Park keep pushing the needle to beautify and improve this little gem of a park.  The five-acre property sits in a floodplain and is bisected by a lovely creek.  On January 23rd, Trees Atlanta will begin a tree installation with the following purposes in mind: canopy replacement, flood control, and creekside vegetation control.  The chosen species are native to the southeast and are known for flood tolerance; most of the planned plantings will be on either side of the creek. The project has received approval from the City of Atlanta's Park Permitting & Design. 

The roots of newly installed trees along the bank will serve as a stabilizing factor during heavy rains.  Further, the shade the trees will eventually provide will help control unwanted vegetation that threaten to obscure the views of the creek and of the park itself.  Privet, in particular, flourishes at the park, as it does everywhere, and park volunteers have worked diligently to control and eliminate this pesky plant.  (Walter Reeves says that “privet has now rocketed past kudzu as Georgia’s worst invasive weed.”).  So, in the future, when you see a call for volunteers to help eliminate privet in our neighborhood parks, please participate! It’s all hands on deck where this plant is concerned.

Trees Atlanta’s installation of 23 trees includes both overstory and understory trees:  sycamore, tulip (the tree, not the flower), black tupelo, oak, hickory, catalpa, bald cypress, paw paw, beech, maple, dogwood and redbud.  In addition to the tree planting, the leadership at Little Nancy Creek Park have other flood mitigation efforts in mind, working hand in glove with Park Pride and the city of Atlanta. We look forward to watching the fruits of their labor grow.

Martha Fair
Central Fulton Master Gardener


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